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Erreurs de Films

Erreurs de Films

Here is an awesome website, which contains hundreds of film mistakes found by its webmaster. It offers errors related to filming, dubbing, chronology (dealing with time)... and with a top list of the films containing the highest amount of mistakes! Of course, the most famous films starring Louis de Funès are on this website. A real goldmine for any cinema enthusiast. Don't miss it!

Language: This website is in French - http://www.erreursdefilms.com

Le site de Fernandel par DIGGI

Le site de Fernandel par DIGGI

Here is a very good website dedicated to another rock-solid value of the French artists world, Fernandel. Everything is here: his life, his films, his songs, his neighborhood, his family... But also photos, a good number of links to other websites focusing on the cinema or the actor himself, a forum and a fan-club! Fernandel's son, Franck, would have even declared that this website, first created by a fan, would now be the official Fernandel's website! Very interesting in any case, I learnt a lot of things about this artist...

Language: This website is in French - http://fernandel.online.fr

Italian SoundTracks

Italian SoundTracks

The title of this website is actually more or less evocative of its contents. It indeed focuses on film soundtracks, but not only Italian ones, as there also English, American, French, German and Japanese OSTs (unlike what the title suggests). And there is a large quantity of soundtracks (more than 800!), so it's a reference site if you are an OST enthusiast.

Language: This website is in English - http://www.italiansoundtracks.com

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