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Root Message - looking for any films of Louis Funes

Will - Click here to see the profile of Will

09-13-2008 @ 16:50:54

looking for any films of Louis Funes

I have been asked by a friend from Belgium to find any films (DVD or Video) of her favorite actor, Louis Funes. Here in California in the U.S. he is not well known and I don't know of a source to find films. Any suggestions? Her favorite film of his is La Folie Des Graundeurs
contact willcarson4358@yahoo.com

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#1 - Re: looking for any films of Louis Funes

Maxime Abbey (Webmaster) - Click here to visit the website of Maxime Abbey (Webmaster) - Click here to see the profile of Maxime Abbey (Webmaster)

09-16-2008 @ 20:14:15

Re: looking for any films of Louis Funes

Hi Will,

You're far from being the first one, either by mail or using this forum, to ask for information about the availability of Louis de Funès' DVDs outside of France, or even the European market.

Unfortunately, I must admit that I don't really have much more information to share with you on this particular subject, as all DVDs I currently own are exclusively in French.

Moreover, with the notable exception of Germany (where Louis was also extremely popular) or French-speaking countries, where local (dubbed/translated/subtitled) DVD editions are quite widely available, I don't know much about the availability of Louis' DVDs in foreign countries, particularly in the USA, where Louis remains almost unknown (even if "Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob" enjoyed moderate success here, as "The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob").

That means that, even if you are looking for French original DVDs (obviously, the most widely available editions, which are quite easy to find here, in France), I think that you'll encounter a lot of difficulties to find them in California (outside of the very big towns, which may offer a specialized DVD reseller)...

To sum up, I'll end by giving you some advice to find information about Louis' movies outside of French-speaking countries:

- the best sources to find the English titles of Louis' movies are, IMO, Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org) and the IMDb (http://www.imdb.com). Having the English titles should help you to find localized editions of Louis de Funès' movies, if available;

- some merchant websites, such as Amazon or eBay, are available worldwide, France included. Thus, you may be able to find some French movies ready for U.S. shipping on these particular websites.

- similarly, some price comparators, such as Kelkoo or Twenga, are available worldwide, and may help you to find foreign DVDs available for shipping in your country.

- ultimately, you may try to get in touch with foreign Louis' fans (such as our German neighbours, through their websites available in my Links section), who may be better informed that me about the availability of French DVDs outside of the French market.

That's pretty much I can say to help you... I hope it will. Don't hesitate to come back here and inform us, if you succeed at finding a good place to buy French DVDs in your country.

Regards from France.

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