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12-27-2016 : French actress Claude Gensac, who was Louis de Funès' wife on stage, just passed away, aged 89.

2016 will definitely be a bad year for all artists, either singing or acting... Following Michel Galabru at the very beginning of the year, Claude Gensac, the other famous Louis de Funès onstage partner, just left us forever.

Born on March 1st, 1927 in Acy-en-Multien (Oise, France), she left her native region at 20 to start an acting career in Paris. She met Louis de Funès in 1952 while filming La Vie d'un Honnête Homme, and immediatly befriended him.

Consequently, she will be personally chosen by Jeanne de Funès, Louis' wife, to become her onstage partner, after watching her performing in a play named La Dame de Chez Maxim by Georges Feydeau in 1965.

She'll thus play Louis de Funès' wife on screen in the Gendarme de Saint-Tropez series, but also in Oscar, Les Grandes Vacances, Hibernatus, and Jo, among others. She'll also play other characters (not his spouse) in some other films with Louis, notably L'Aile ou la Cuisse, L'Avare (1980) and La Soupe aux Choux (1981).

Following Louis de Funès' death in 1983, which left her quite harmed (in 2000, she'll confess that "Louis de Funès killed (her)"), she'll choose to play in theaters instead, notably in La Perruche et le Poulet (2008), but also on the smaller TV screen, in series like Marc et Sophie (1987), Sous le Soleil (2005) and Scènes de Ménages (2012). She'd never stop acting, playing until the end of her life, being ever nominated at the Best Actress César ("César de la Meilleure Actrice") for the very first time in 2015, thanks to her role in Lulu Femme Nue.

All our thoughts go to his friends and family.

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12-14-2016 (10.4) : New HD photos from Le Corniaud are now available!

FufuWorld is celebrating its 16th birthday today with a new bunch of nearly 200 HD photos from Le Corniaud by Gérard Oury, in the Photos section.

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