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06-10-2016 : Save the Louis de Funès Museum from being closed by donating and signing the petition!

The Louis de Funès Museum (Musée de Louis de Funès), located in the Château de Clermont in Cellier, Loire-Atlantique, France (last living place of Louis de Funès) is threatened with closure on next October, because of missing funds to buy the place where it's currently located, which will be sold in April 2017.

Show your support for this museum created by Charles and Roselyne Duringer by signing the online petition, and, most of all, by donating some money:

Thanks for your support!

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12-14-2015 (10.3) : New sound and photo page layouts.

For this website's 15th birthday, I slightly enhanced the Sounds page to include more photos on the whole page, instead of pushing all of them on the top. So, now, when a sound sample comes with a lot of photos, you'll have a few clips on the top, some more just above the dialogues, and the other photos on the bottom of the page. I hope it'll enhance your reading comfort!

05-15-2015 (10.2) : Some minor cosmetic updates.
12-14-2014 (10.0) : A brand new color theme for FufuWorld's 14th birthday.
12-14-2013 (8.7) : Sound samples from La Zizanie are now available!
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